Why Aren’t the Schools Open?

  1. There are teachers with legitimate fears of going back into the classroom during the pandemic. More than 30% of teachers are over the age of 50. They are older, have comorbidities, or live in multigenerational homes with family members who would be at greater risk of the effects of COVID-19.
  2. Over 500 teachers have died of COVID-19 in the past year. This does not include family members that may have also contracted the virus.
  3. Data shows that with appropriate protocols in place there is little transmission of COVID-19 within schools.
  4. Many schools are closed because of a lack of teachers to put into the classrooms.
  • There has been a decade long decline in the enrollment of students into teaching preparation programs across the country. The net result is there are only half the number of students currently enrolled as there were ten years ago.
  • Only 46% of teachers with a valid teacher certification are currently in a classroom in the State of Michigan. Many certified teachers chose not to work in a classroom even before the pandemic.
  • Districts faced a massive substitute teacher shortage before COVID.
  • Teachers are retiring at a record pace.



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Karen Kudla

Karen Kudla


I am a retired teacher with a passion for equal opportunity through education for all.