I Now Have Hope

  • what would schools be like if all the money spent on political negative advertisements was spent on promoting and funding programs to support education?
  • what comments on social media would look like if instead of using an acronym you had to put your real name and city you live in like you have to do on letters to the editor?
  • what reading comments on social media might be like if they were sorted into positive and negative lists so you could more easily see the bullies?
  • what would happen if political ads had to provide links to the evidence that supports their claims?
  • what political ads would look like if they were accompanied by a “fact-check” rating similar to what is used for rating movies?
  • what political parties would look like if people stopped cheering for them like they do a football team and started paying attention to what they are actually proposing?
  • what it would be like if politicians set goals for solving problems instead of trying to keep others from scoring a win?
  • what it would be like if people recognized that people with different opinions are also Americans.



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Karen Kudla

Karen Kudla


I am a retired teacher with a passion for equal opportunity through education for all.